Three Poems – Alexandra Wuest


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I tried to make a painting
but I made this instead
because ‘there are no great female painters’
and I got tired of living up to your
post modern analysis

Am I post liberated enough
Am I post dignified enough
Am I post Listerine mouth washed enough

Tell me how to best be your muse
and slide me through the blue paint
just like Yves
I know my body was made for your use
just like Eve

Institutionalize me
by which I mean 
put me in a museum

Maybe if ‘there are no great female painters’
I can be the first ‘great female paintbrush’
So dip my long coarse hair
in the paint
Press my torso to the wall

Blue ass prints on canvas
Sorry, did I get paint
on your clean white couch

I apologize if I appear bristly  


Today an old man yelled from his car
‘You look good’
and I didn’t say anything
so he yelled again
‘I bet your pussy smells like AIDS’
So I said to the old man
‘Make up your mind’
because I don’t have time
to wait to be defined
by every passing car
because holding my breath
and waiting for the tub to drain
never did me any good
only made my fingers prune
and women are supposed to be soft
and Oprah told me something
that I think was supposed to be
empowering but when I looked
under my seat
I didn’t find anything
and I didn’t win a free car
so how am I supposed to
chase after the old man
to say ‘Make up your mind’
when Oprah is forcing me
to pursue him on foot
Where is my fully loaded
Pontiac G6
You get a car
You get a car
You get a car
Everybody gets a car


I don’t know how to transcribe 
whale songs but I did once 
eat a turkey sandwich in the 
gynecologist’s office with my 
feet in the stirrups and the smell 
of rubbing alcohol in my mouth.

Lane from Gilmore Girls once 
said ‘I am risking eternal damnation 
for rock and roll!’ and I realized 
you never would. 

Your sympathy 
just sounds like pity 
with the volume turned up. 

Can you believe we were 
ever allowed to be so young?

If you love someone, let them go.
If you love a turkey sandwich, 
make another.

All three poems were published in The Female Gaze is Cool (Bottle Cap Press, 2015)


About Alexandra Wuest

Alexandra Wuest is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the author of THE FEMALE GAZE IS COOL (Bottlecap Press 2015). She tweets at @allie_kw. View all posts by Alexandra Wuest

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