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My friend Davis writes:

The other day I was having a dream and in the dream I was growing really tall. There was a bird up there with me while I was tall. I couldn’t tell if the bird was tall as well or if it was flying but it seemed to not be moving any wings so I assume the bird was tall as well.

I remember saying Bird, I’m going to die. The bird responded and said That doesn’t matter, it literally doesn’t at all. I said Oh and felt better. This was not life affirming and it was not depressing. I just thought it was a good line for the bird to say.


We are all as tall as the highest place we’ve ever been. Each instance of being has a physical locality. We perceive these in slices. The human mind slices hyper dimensional space into digestible bits through time, a system of decoherence. What I’m telling you is your body is not what you think it is. It is not a discrete entity. It is an extrusion of energy that began in your mother’s womb and has woven through all the places you have been in seemingly endless loops. It has passed through walls, been 10,000 feet in the air, crossed the continent, and possibly others, all the while intertwining with the energy of others. When I say it has, I mean it still exists there, because everything here exists as one moment that we can’t wrap out heads around because of this time thing. You are rainbow bridge of flesh and love made of the energy that brought you here. What I’m saying Davis, it that you are very, very tall. Tall enough to speak with birds.

Speaking with birds is good. This is something we can learn to do. People cannot speak with birds because they haven’t tried hard enough. I have tried, not hard enough though, because everything has something to teach us. I don’t know about dying though. I mean I don’t know anything. I especially don’t know that we’ll die. I now your energy with shoot of here, much like it entered. I don’t know that’s this death. Honestly, I don’t know that this is life, what we’re doing right now. But from a bird’s perspective, a thing capable of effortless soaring, perhaps to leave this place is a sort of death.

What’s important is that while we entwine out energy stream with all the others around us, we try share their trip without getting stuck on the lessons those streams are here to learn. There’s ways to fix this when it happens, different things for each of us. I let a friend cleanse my chakras, and I felt a lot better after. I also lost a lot of friends after. But that’s cool. The gifts had been given. Now I’m making new friends. Now there are new gifts to give and receive. But this is my stuff, and it’s nothing for you to worry about. You’re just here to fly, Davis, and you’re doing beautifully.


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