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You’ve probably heard about the comet headed for Earth, right? You know this humanity’s last weekend, right? Why not spend it enjoying the Drunk In A Midnight Choir lifestyle?

As always, if you have something you would like us to link to, send it to us, along with whatever accompanying text or explanation you prefer, “c/o The Inventory.” We post all kinds of links on our Facebook Page as well. So feel free to go there and like us and you will not only get great updates about the site, but also other awesome things happening out in the wild, wild webs.

-Sincerely, Todd & Adam

Ever want to know how your favorite indie press originated? LitHub has answers.

Weird, fantastical portraits of women and desserts.

Choir member Emily O’Neill gives us two slices of truth and beauty via Atrocity Exhibition

Though DMC is by no means a typical lit mag, and we do things a little differently than most, we still think this is a dynamite guide to submitting your work to magazines. It’s practical and frank, and also kind, and gives you a lot of behind the scenes info you don’t often get in articles like these.

Are you listening to Sommer Browning’s comedy album right now? You should be.

Solid, beautiful heartbreak advice.

“Let’s shudder together.” This is perhaps the greatest sexual overture of all time.

One of our favorite writers, Edie Meidav, with a gorgeous, thoughtful essay on the nature of travel.

Otto the Bulldog, not only knows how to skate and steer and be adorable, he also broke some kind of record for skating between people’s legs, which begs the question This was already done before through less legs?

Tis the season for Love, Actually, and Lindy West hilariously rips it a new one.

Claire Donato destroys us with these three poems up at The Fanzine.

If you haven’t read the interview with the woman who began famous overnight for visibly reading Claudia Rankine’s Citizen behind Trump at a recent rally, than you really, really should. She is an amazing individual.

We love Nailed! We love Choir member Robert Lashley. Read away



What are you doing Tonight, 11/13/2015?


Editor Amie Zimmerman is reading is Portland.


Editor Adam Tedesco and Choir member Sarah Xerta are reading in outer space, and you can watch from your computer.


Do yourself a favor and try to catch both of these.



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