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Roxane Gay’s incredibly powerful meditation on tragedy, from 2011, still resonates deeply.

This is great not just for the list of Bowie’s favorite books, but the essay has numerous fascinating links about the Paris Review, and the birth of Ziggy Stardust, etc.

Nobody handles trolls better than David Thorne, because he’s a master troll himself.

Here’s the truth about Santa’s workshop.

“I was so stressed out thinking that every banger I had just had to be in the book, but that didn’t make for a good book. You have to think about the book as one long song, not just the sum of many little ones.”

Danez Smith talks about making books.

If you write, you probably know about this list, but just in case you don’t, check out this awesome resource.

Great behind the scenes take on The Big Short, the upcoming comedy about the 2008 financial collapse, written & directed by Anchorman‘s Adam McKay.

Heartbreaking, powerful essay about Lebanon, and being Arab-American, by Jess Rizkallah.


“Profound poet Morgan Parker’s writings run the gamut from pop culture to ancient Khemtic texts, and her work will make you feel way prettier than Beyoncé.”

Ever wonder where your favorite Muppet characters came from? Wonder no more.

Amazing essay by Fiona Helmsley about power and the word victim.


Patti Smith talks about Dylan and Don’t Look Back.

The world is becoming increasingly disposable. Here’s what some people are doing to fix it.

If you loved Between the World and Me, Scott Woods, “an awesomely talented librarian and one of the top five most engaging black people on the planet,” has all kinds of books for you to follow up with! But don’t worry, if you didn’t exactly love it, he’s still got plenty of books for you!







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