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This interactive map will show you just how many gun deaths and injuries happened right near you in the last year. Seeing this really brings home how absurd our gun culture is, as well as how none of us are immune to it.

A Meditation on Arendt, Rilke, & Guns is an excellent essay by Samantha Hill that discusses the gun violence in America through the perspective of Hannah Arendt’s essay on Rilke’s Duino Elegies.

Looking for things to do next year? Try reading literature from every nation on the planet.

Excerpts from Cameron Crowe’s classic undercover high school book-turned-movie Fast Times At Ridgmeont High. Spiccoli was a real guy!

December 8 was the anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination. Lennon, an undeniable pop genius, was also a violent abuser, and generally irascible and unlikable fellow. This two-part interview, given shortly after the official breakup of The Beatles, is a fascinating read, and much like a car wreck, it’s hard to look away even as it turns uglier and uglier. Yoko Ono s also present, and contributes occasionally to the conversation.

Buddhists believe all attachment is a cause of suffering, even pleasurable, romantic attachment. This brief article discusses this concept from a secular point of view.

Coca-Cola’s answer to 90s culture, OK soda, was an infamous marketing failure. Years later, however, the paraphanelia surrounding the short-lived product has a thriving cult following.

These poems from Emily Skillings left us breathless.

On November 28, porn star Stoya Tweeted that her ex-boyfriend and on-screen partner, James Deen, had raped her. Since then, several other women in the industry have come forward and made similar allegations, and Deen’s once golden reputation was quickly tarnished. The industry, by and large, has supported Stoya by cutting ties with Deen, though no legal charges have been filed. Stoya has long been an outspoken writer, advocate, and all around badass. Above are some links to her writing for Vice and her blog, as well as some articles about the aftermath of her initial Tweet. All our support goes to Stoya, her colleagues, and her allies, and we think Deen is a vile, worthless piece of filth.

A list of 50 great poetry books and collections from 2015.

Anne Theriault’s terrifying, heartbreaking account of the violence, in its many insidious varieties, that she has experienced throughout her life as a woman.



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