Three Poems – Alyssa Cohorn

blank street sign


John, don’t you know 
what you’re doing? he 
looks at his pockets. do 
you see how this looks 
to me? he never does he 
really doesnt. John, are 
you even listening to 
me? the same couple on 
repeat, the spinning girl 
in a music box, ever 
moving and always 
saying the same thing, 
but I guess I always say 
the same thing too, you 
know? they fight, and I 
keep my head down, 
until one of them, John 
I guess, asks me for a 
dollar-fifty in quarters 
and I quietly oblige.


you always wanted me to 
get a tattoo at that corner
shop, the one with all of 
the Sailor Jerry’s on the 
outside, and I thought it
was actually a drug front
the entire time, because 
no one ever manned
the shop, they just stood
outside and smoked and
looked up each schoolgirl’s
skirt, but you dared me to 
get one and we got high and 
then I had to do it, so I 
walked in and said I’ll take 
everything you’ve got until 
the end.


the story goes that there
are two ghosts and one
of them looks like you
but by the time they 
show up, the traffic 
cop has already started 
to work, so cars are 
moved left and right and 
left and left and a sixty 
dollar fine and instead  
of your ghost, it should 
probably be the ghost
of our girl, but she’s 
the one that’s gone
and you’re the spirit 
that hasn’t yet gone 

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