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We haven’t stopped thinking about this important photo, and the important question it begs.

Enrich your childrens’ understanding of the arts.

We love Wyvern Lit, and we love Jamison Crabtree’s poetry.

Get familiar with Gabrielle Witkopp.

We would totally vote for Eddie Pepitone.

We’re not sure what’s better, the incidents described in this article, or the html slug:


Either way, we’re rooting for the coyotes.

Bill Lessard’s been absolutely killing it during his stint as poet of the month over at Drunk Monkeys.

If you missed choir member Jennifer Hudgens’ reading last night, the good news is you can still grab her new book here.

Bud Smith’s new column at Real Pants is killer!

We think this brilliant poem by David Tomas Martinez will make your weekend.

One last note. In researching this list, we came across the phrase Sex Ray Vision Dub. Please help us understand this string of words. Has the Blade Runner era begun?



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