#4 – Cryptozoology – Tony Brown


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So, there's this website where you click to spin a wheel 
and it tells you how to make a life decision 
based on you doing what a unicorn would do
if a unicorn was in the same situation you're facing.
I spun the wheel this morning 
and it said I should 
"whinny and rear." 
Well, I do this all the time so it didn't seem to be a huge stretch. 
I was glad I was not advised to nuzzle a newborn or frolic in a meadow.
I was hoping that I'd be told to impale evil things 
but I confess I'm not really in shape for that.
(Good call, wheel.)
So: out the front door on my hind legs,
waving my arms around. 
My voice has too much tobacco in it for a solid whinny, 
but I made some sort of approximate noise 
as I went forth.
At the gas station, the pump refused my credit card. I whinnied at it. 
There wasn't much space to rear since I'd parked too close to the pump, 
but I managed something that didn't look too un-unicorn-like
and fulfilled the prophecy. I was becoming mythical! 
Certainly, the pump's refusal to honor my credit made that belief credible.
I drove out to the Tower Hills, just outside the city. 
I knew I'd be the lone unicorn out there, since it's not the season for the regular unicorns -- 
while they equally adore frolicking in meadows covered in snow or wildflowers, 
the mud of a Massachusetts spring is something they'd rather not touch.
They go to Arizona, I think, in winter.
I pulled off the road by the reservoir 
and found a trail there, 
which I followed to a bar
in a clearing.
The bar was better furnished than I would have expected, 
and the drinks were well made and cheap. 
The bartender greeted me with a nod; 
apparently I had been there before, 
though it all seemed new.
I knew no one else,
at least by their faces,
though I recognized them by their traits --
gryphons whose wings had been stolen, 
chimeras with odd parts from random plastic surgeries, 
basilisks who could turn you to Corian with a single glance.
I joined my fellow cryptids there 
and we indulged in our fortunes 
for many, many hours 
until I was drunk on the dizzying rhythm 
of my whinnying and rearing.
I came home flecked with sweat
and exhausted. I dreamed of virgins 
seeking me, I dreamed of eluding capture --
and then I woke up -- here. Again.
I'm going to return
to that website with its majestic wheel.
It tells me old stories 
that make me feel like I'm not alone 
in believing that there's a greater purpose. 
I know it's supposed to be for amusement only,
but it's a joke
that has led me to a place 
where I feel almost verified
and almost at home.

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