The Inventory – Links and Balances

A crossroads store, bar, "juke joint," and gas station in the cotton plantation area. Melrose, Louisiana, June 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Marion Post Wolcott. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

This poem by Sarah Bartlett is crazy amazing and we could read it out loud at least once a week for the rest of our lives.

Don’t ever lose your sense of wonder.

Remember Miranda July’s Somebody App, where strangers would deliver messages for each other? Did you ever read the stories behind them. This is a great place to get lost.

Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib has joined the newer, smarter MTV and dropped two characteristically moving pieces about The Boss and Yeezy.

K.K. Fox enchants us.

Anne Theriault’s interview with a Catholic nun is on the long side, but worth every word. It touches on God, feminism, marriage, goodness, religion, altruism, beauty, miracles, and many other things. It’s funny, deep, smart, passionate, and laboriously researched.

Would you like to meet your creators? Now you can.

Brian Kesinger’s Instagram is full of amazing, brilliant gems, particularly the mashups of Star Wars and Calvin and Hobbes. Pure genius.

Michael Dickman gives us butterflies.

Thank God for Michael Moore. People should be going to prison for what’s happening in Flint. But we don’t jail powerful white Republicans, we jail the poor and the marginalized for crimes that cause a tiny fraction of the harm those sniveling pieces of garbage have perpetrated.

Tony Mancus gives the greatest kind of love, weird love.

We love you.

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