Dream Weaver 3.9


Susan Summers sent me the following dream.


A Dream of a Bearded Man in Silver Stockings


I was rushing to leave a house gathering

and got in the wrong truck.


My friend’s truck was red,

but I jumped into one that was white,

and I didn’t even notice until I had buckled

my seat belt and we were moving.


A man with a long, shaggy beard was driving.

He was wearing a work shirt, Daisy Duke shorts,

and sliver stockings with woman’s sandals.

I commented I liked his stockings.

He was very nonchalant and said,

“I wear them sometimes.”


We went to a chiropractic place

which sold herbs, makeup and accessories.

He went to see the chiropractor in the back room,

and I wandered around and agreed to a makeover.


My makeup was wild and colorful,

but I had a little mustache which I asked them to wax for me.

Afterward, the mustache was gone as was all my makeup.


When I googled this dream, the first result is the following headline:

Friends convince drunk driver he’s just woken from TEN YEAR coma by turning office into hospital ward while he was passed out in bid to stop him re-offending.


This lead me to wondering if people dream during a coma. To which Virali Modi, Miss Wheelchair India 2014, Runner Up, says:


“I was in a coma for 23 days. I had a dream that was similar to

everything that was happening to me in real life. The only thing

that was different in my dream was that I was in the “Pokémon

Health Center (hospital). The nurses and doctors were of those

in the game.”


Seems about right. Imagine how stupid this game is going to seem when you wake up from it.


What’s really interesting to me about your dream is the herbs at the chiropractor’s office. I wonder if he sold kratom. Kratom’s a wonderful pain reliever. I take some before I go to tattoo appointments. I also take an antihistamine and some valerian root. While this doesn’t make the experience painless, it alleviates most of the unpleasantness. If getting tattooed is a video game, this is the up up down down left right left right a b a b select start.

I also wonder about your friend with the red truck. Why does he drive a truck? Is he a tradesman? Is he union? What kind of bumper stickers are on his red truck? These seem like important things. For the life of me, I can’t understand people who vote against their self-interest. That’s not how you win the game.


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