“sit on your potential until it hatches” – Christine Tosti

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cocoon your nightmares
until they become

knead your wishes
into dough
until they rise;

get a dead end job;
be good at it

do drugs;
escape yourself.

sober up;
know yourself.

sit up straight
pay your bills
do the dishes tomorrow
ignore your parents
don’t meet anyone new
don’t keep your friends close
trust no one
move out
pay rent
waste your money
smoke cigarettes all day
get cancer
write a song no one will hear
don’t believe in your talents
take advantage of people
hurt someone badly

fuck yourself
when no one else will

cut out
the bullshit
with your sharp tongue;

say things you don’t mean

when you apologize,
don’t actually mean it.

don’t always try
to have it your way

this isn’t Burger King
this isn’t where
the high school kids go
after dark

this isn’t your hometown

this isn’t where
you thought
you’d be.

(where else is there to go?)


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