Body Becomes Black Hole or Magic Trick in Three Acts – Alain Ginsberg

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Act I

Body enters a world is nicknamed
black hole is named as consume
is expected to gorge and becomes
one anyways makes a canyon out
of itself

Body is told it has a runners shape
Body runs to not make anyone a
liar for saying this runs into the
absence of itself looks for its
broken rib and only finds extras, a
whole cage of them does not
know if they are in it
or the prison guarding it

Body is nicknamed black hole because
the food disappears and nothing changes
the hunger disappears and no one
questions where either of them went but
the body, who opens the kitchen cabinet
and finds a cemetery but only looks
at the bones

wonders how can I grow up to be just like that, and does.

Act II

Body enters the world a black hole
makes it all disappear and never
changes a vanishing act that never
reappears later is a magic trick that never
gets old in fact body never gets
old and stays the same size

Body breaks the mirror and
eats the shards looking for
answers and only finds
blood tries to become a
to mass produce more
of itself and vomits

Body unhinges its jaw and eats the
universe, gains nothing
but the indigestion

Body tears off its jaw and eats
itself whole but still gains
nothing but this sad, this pit, this
gorge and consumes and
consumes still and runs because
that is what black holes do, try
to disappear, never to be understood,

opens the kitchen cabinet
and finds a tomb stone, so
body lays up in there and
tries to find rest.


Black hole enters the body and
takes it all.

Black hole knows too good how
to make this canyon full again
how to break a ribcage open,
splayed out like a bouquet and
still wonder why the flowers are
when all you do is water them

Black hole waters the body’s
stomach, a levee, it never teaches
itself to break and does anyway,
like a record, or a beating, or up
and body knows too well that
being seen or not seen makes no
difference, how it was birthed
into a world by chaos, how no
one wants to stop watching the
car crash and start looking at the
bodies, how the kitchen cabinets
are splayed open like a mouth,
like a stomach,
like a casket, like a black hole,



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