the brain is a hungry organ

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& the kitchen fills with smoke
the night you swear / you’d break
his knuckles / after asking

what sharing a roof smarts of / the broken
escalator / pan spitting to sear
dry aged steaks / it’s past

the expiration for saying so / for stopping
lock receding into chamber / I sleep
here without careful supervision

I am the wine / tasting of cigars, dark
fruit / bear meat grows up from berries
& people too / we all cluster

around the hot light / call liquid bright
when it stings the tongue / call me
your kind of jelly bean please

call me fat / shaking against cast
iron / it’s midnight here & the oven hisses
as witness / I sleep here a cluster

of what tastes / best paired / the bottle
stands breathing / key in my pocket
offering each successive night on a tray


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