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On the anniversary of radiation
I walked to the hospital
not on even on purpose
but just because
I felt like a change
from my usual walk

and found that my legs
still went that way.
After seven weeks,
why wouldn’t they?

It wasn’t until afterwards
that I realized the date

that it was three months
since my last radiation treatment
when I walked out of that hospital
feeling more alive
than I had walked in
that I didn’t bother
to stop and say goodbye
to any of the old folks
in the waiting room

the technicians hugged me
and wished me lucked
and hoped they’d never see me again.

When I changed, for the last time,
out of that blue hospital gown
that I wore every day for seven weeks
I shoved it in my bag,
burying it at the bottom

a hostage,

and raced
out those double doors
like I could outrun this disease.



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