Three Poems – Devanshi Khetarpal


one day

the fire will light open the Ganges
& the breasts of rain will wash our
names as ashes touching the back 
of the sun


night & back your name 
swells    in the plume of 
my mouth   i smoke the 
ripples of your  shadow 
as it flutters      a body
between the bones   of 
this noise    keeping 
the sun  from repeating 
while there’s snow


the light veined you   like 
a noise caught in the dark
moment to moment skin
brushing   into strokes of 
snow    its rustle thinned 
to welling sound       the 
body like an echo    once  
plunging      light melting
its feet   with a slow fever   
your toe     on the ground  
like a fish biting the water  

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