A friend wrote to tell me they had a dream in which both of our families were attending an outdoor event and we had a chance to enjoy each other’s company.

This has been a hard week for many people, and if you’re like me you’re finding it difficult to enjoy anything right now. But my friend’s dream is helping me shake this feeling.

There is still goodness in the world. Now more than ever, we need to remind ourselves and our friends of this. Not to normalize, too much has been normalized, but to fuel us.

Struggle, until you’re near its end, so often feels like defeat. We need to be reminded constantly of the good things left worth fighting for.

We need to remind ourselves without escaping into the dream. You can know this dream to be a dream and still fight, because in some dreams the dream is the fight. So remembering the dream is a weapon to cherish. Don’t be subdued by the beauty inside of you. By your dreams be emboldened. A single spark can start a prairie fire.

What kind of fire do you want to start?

Good fires start with staring into the future of the dream. Forget about the beauty of things. Shed the dream of things. Forget about who you think you are. Remember why you came here. Remember the goodness in people.

Love is worth everything. Everything worth saying is worth saying forever, because every rain storm ends in a single drop.

Shed everything you expect others to. Risk everything you expect others to. Wake into a new dream where all friends meet. We are waiting for us to come.


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Adam Tedesco is a founding editor of REALITY BEACH, a journal of new poetics. His recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Laurel Review, Gramma Weekly, Prelude, Pouch Powderkeg, Fanzine, Fence, and elsewhere. He is the author of several chapbooks, most recently HEART SUTRA, and ABLAZA (Lithic Press), and the forthcoming collection Mary Oliver (Lithic Press, 2019). View all posts by Adam Tedesco

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