I Have Known Boots



The geographical point
that is the furthest from any ocean
is in the center of Antarctica.
It is the most
inaccessible location
on earth.
And on these specific coordinates
there is a statue bust
of Vladimir Lenin.
There is no escaping
man’s ego.
Please I am trying
to find a place
where no one
can find me
and the Russians
always get there first
So I dig
And the hot blood
pouring from my skin
mixes with the snow pack
which makes it easier to dig
and under one thousand feet of ice
there is ground
and I sit frozen
so grateful I can kiss earth
that has not known boots
or bronze statues.


About Jane Belinda

Jane Belinda is queer poet from Portland, OR. They run a open mic and Slam poetry competition called Slamlandia! They recently self-published a chapbook titled “Grief and Other Things Men Gave Me” about the pain that has come with their relationships with men. You can find more of their work at janebelinda.com View all posts by Jane Belinda

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