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Greetings! As we approach our third anniversary, we here at DMC have decided to make some format changes. Aside from an overall site redesign, we will be putting the bulk of our material into two issues a year. These issues will be published on May 15 (Spring) and November 15 (Fall). The open reading period for the first issue will be from February 1 – April 1. New submission guidelines will be up on the site soon, but as of Feb 1, you can send submissions to with the genre heading (if not obvious like “Poetry” or “Fiction,” the best you can describe it) in your subject line.

While the majority of what we publish is poetry, we are still accepting any and all types of work, from fiction to essays to rants to interviews to performance videos to mixtapes to anything you can think of. We particularly love the personal essay. We will also be looking for original art to put in each issue.

The daily blog will remain in addition to the issues, to publish more immediate material, as well as regular columns like Grindr Troll and Dream Weaver, and well as links, rants, poems, other pieces that for whatever reason don’t fit in one of the issues. If you would like to submit something specifically for the blog, please put “BLOG” in your subject line.

There will be plenty of other things in the future, from guest editors to contests to print editions, and this new format should help open up the time and space to do even more exciting stuff. We look forward to sharing it with you, and as always, thanks for being part of DMC.


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