#4 – Grindr Troll #6 – Sock Guy

sock guy 1 (1)

Our 3rd anniversary is on February 6th. We are counting down the top-ten most-read posts from the last year.

sock guy 1 (2)

Sock Guy 2

Sock Guy 2 (pt 2)

sock guy final

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About Sean Patrick Mulroy

Born and raised in Southern Virginia, the house where Sean Patrick Mulroy grew up was built in 1801 and was commandeered by the Union Army during the Civil War to serve as a makeshift hospital. As a boy, Sean loved to peel back the carpets to show where the blood from hasty surgeries on wounded soldiers had stained the wooden floorboards. Now he writes poems. He is a 2013 Lambda Literary Fellow, and his work has been published or is forthcoming in The Bakery, Muzzle, Nailed, The Good Men Project, Assaracus, Rua de Baixo, Network Awesome, wordriot, Side B, Union Station, Tandem, Frigg, Neon, Freezeray, Best Indie Literature of New England, Glitterwolf, Flicker and Spark: A Contemporary Queer Anthology, and Ganymede. Sean currently resides in Boston while working on multiple projects in music, literature and television media. He currently co-hosts the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge, and co-curates a monthly LGBTQ reading series, Moonlighting. View all posts by Sean Patrick Mulroy

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