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About William James

William James is a poet, aging punk, and train enthusiast from Manchester, NH. He's the founder & editor-in-chief of Beech St. Review, a contributing editor for Drunk In A Midnight Choir, and the author of "rebel hearts & restless ghosts" (Timber Mouse Publishing). Follow him on Twitter (@thebilljim) or at

Three Poems – William James


Liturgy For The Underground

May we pray bare-knuckled but unbroken, survive
to spite the choking in our throats. May we find

comfort within chaos, refuge in what outsiders
call noise. Let this be our litany – 

the harsh scraping of steel-wound strings,
machine gun precision of crashing drums.

Let us be baptized in sweat, blood, spit, 
made holy by mosh-pit communion. 

May our songs carry our voices over lifetimes.
May our screams pull God from the sky.

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