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About Juliet Cook

A bloody stuck pig/female hybrid, oinking out oodles of poetry with black, silver, purple, and red explosions.

Dried Flowers and Spit Out Seeds


My great grandmother created a quilt
for each of her great granddaughters,
to be gifted to us when we became married.

My mother kept my stitched together quilt inside her house
until I deserved to receive it. I loved sunflowers
when I was a girl. When I was engaged, I was given
a beautiful sunflower quilt at my wedding shower.

I did not sell it or give it away, but it is not mine anymore.
I wasn’t allowed to keep it after my marriage failed to last.
I didn’t deserve it after my sad non-traditional dreams
warped into a bloody onslaught of nightmares.
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Three Poems – Juliet Cook


Who do you think you are?

I'm nothing
except for my own dirty

dirty underwear 
ripped off and shoved down
my own throat.

"You like that souvenir?" 

He told me what my voice box needed.
A total re-master.

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