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About JeFF Stumpo

JeFF Stumpo is the owner of Wonderland Books & Games in Martin, TN, where he teaches a few classes for the English and Honors programs at the University of Tennessee branch there. His wife is the smart one. His dogs number four. His daughter is three going on thirteen. Check out his website at

Three Poems – JeFF Stumpo


Blues sonnet

Lost my money
Lost my hair
My woman walked out
And they outlawed beer

Unlucky in love
Unlucky at dice
When I'm struck by lightnin'
I get struck twice

Officer sees me
Officer chases
Only thing I done wrong
Is trip over my laces

Gonna exchange home for range and roam
Gonna exchange home for range and roam

Villanelle that fell for the wrong man again

She scrubs the dishes
and through her skin.
Wishes on wishes
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