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About Jamie Banks

Jamie Banks is a high school teacher, poet, choir geek and linguaphile from Brooklyn, NY. He served as co-president of Speak Out Loud, Harvard's spoken word poetry group, and coached their 2014 CUPSI team, who received an award for "Pushing the Art Forward". He is thrilled to be teaching in settings where he can integrate arts and mental health advocacy with academics.

Three Poems – Jamie Banks


Eavesdropping on My Intake

Did you mean to?
On a scale of 1 to “I want to die”
Pi. Dunno.
No I mean I’m just so tired.
Three days.
Can you confirm?
Doesn’t look like it.
I DID want to die!
Why do you think you’re here?

Tell me
Flight of ideas racing depersonalization probably deluded I know I don’t know 
Yes, I would love some toast.
Do you charge for that too?

The scariest thing is he’s so fucking smart.
He knew all of the clinical words.
I know doc, it’s how I deal.
I can’t tell.
I’m scared I’m tricking you too.
Family history of depression, grandfather developed the psychopath test, 
grandfather Grandfather
Was just as smart, often compared by self and others.
Considers self a psychopath. Paranoia from insomnia?
Actually recited diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality.
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