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Callaloo Fellow, 2014 NPS Champion. 2013 Southern Fried Champion. NFHA Cultural Ambassador. Author of The Heart of a Comet (Write Bloody, 2014) - winner of 2014 Best New Book Beltway poetry Quarterly. Teaching Artist and Educator, Writer Performer, Activist. Gummy bear elitist, Anime Fanatic, bow tie enthusiast professional hugger.

Three Poems – Pages Matam

After "Invisible Man", The Prologue - by Jeff Wall 2000


             Dear ________ [insert name]

only ____ [insert age]

you are the latest stitch in a delicate pattern

weaving all of the lessons we learn

that when black bodies leave home

they may often return as:

             something to not be talked about,

a stopped and frisked heart

a different body

a bloodied rainbow

a wounded opera

              something to not be,

an appropriated testament

a muted Chapel

a leaking constellation

an espresso machine on 125th & Lenox


              doesn’t return home at all.

              so  many bodies

another memorial
              and counting Continue reading