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About Robin Galante

Robin is an artist and musician based in San Francisco, CA. On her spare time she creates visual art, illustrates her dreams, and writes songs. Professionally, she works as a freelance writer and illustrator for various print and media projects. You can visit her at:

Dream Files #5: Dirt, Nature & Decay”


Dream 6

The Dream Files is a series of real dreams, illustrated by the dreamer. For more, visit

Dream Files # 4

Dream 4: “When the Tables are Turned”

The Dream Files is a series of real dreams, illustrated by the dreamer. For more, visit

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Dream Files #4

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Dream # 3 – Diagnosis Brain

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The Dream Files – Dream 2: Time Travel & Job Interviews

Welcome to The Dream Files. Taken from scribbled, barely legible notes written in the dark and fleeting memories of strange, far away lands, each illustration is a detailed view into the world of dreams, brought out of the subconscious and into the light.


The Dream Files- Dream 1: Wine & Backpack Cars.

Dream 1

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Bird Dreams



by Robin Galante, 03/3014

I was sitting in my garden, marking up a canvas with rocks, paint, leaves, and sticks, when I looked up and saw a beautiful hummingbird on the telephone wire. The subject of my painting became apparent. A few years ago, I wrote a song about flying dreams and found that this painting aligns well with the words:

Bird of paradise,

What will you say to me?

Feathers glow like fire, tell me what you see

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Lucid Dreams & Art

Lucid 1

“You’re dreaming now – look!”

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Every once in a while, I have lucid dreams. I actually had one last night. Something will happen in the dream that tips me off – the lights don’t turn on, a lamp is upside down, someone comes back to life – and I’ll realize I’m dreaming.


At this point, I realize, happily, that I can do whatever I want. After all, I’m dreaming! If other people are around, I will usually tell them that they are in my dream. Sometimes, I’ll even ask them if they are dreaming, too. Continue reading

Dreams, Illustrated

A recurring dream...

A recurring dream…

When I was little, I always wished I could “film” my dreams and watch them later. Unfortunately, no technology has been invented to do this. So, I began illustrating my dreams, as best I can remember them.

The Beginning

A few years back, I began having a recurring dream. In the dream, I am in a house. The house is situated in the middle of a desolate area, to the side of a bridge. As the dreams continued, I found myself getting very familiar with the house. I could close my eyes and picture each room and where things were.

One day, I tried to draw a floor plan of the house – after all, I knew it by heart. But for some reason, when I began drawing, something got lost in the translation. I couldn’t make the floor plan match my memory of the dream house. My image of the house would become more jumbled, the more I tried to make “sense” of it on paper. Continue reading