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About Christian Drake

A six-time National Poetry Slam competitor from Northampton, Massachusetts, Christian lived, slammed, & taught in Washington, DC, Oakland, CA, & Albuquerque, NM before returning to New England. He works as a jack-of-all-trades middle school teacher & spends his free time narrating audiobooks, playing men's roller derby & hiking the splendid Berkshire Mountains in search of things to put in his pockets.

Three Poems About Getting Through Depression


Arm-Wrestling the Sunlight

I saw an orange Cessna
rising above a gray
mare standing stock-still
in her electrified corral,
nostrils choked with steam
& haunch muscles bitten
by horseflies of frost
& winter rode the horse
nowhere but lifted the airplane
& I considered these two
fighting styles, where I have
been the horse statue but now
I’m trying to arm-wrestle
the sunlight for an hour
each day like an amateur pilot
or Jacob in the bible
going mano a mano
with some bully angel
who hobbles him for no reason,
plucking his hip tendon
with one finger like it were
a ribbon tied with a trick knot.
Still, Jacob says,
I will not let you go until you bless me.
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Three Poems – Christian Drake

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My true love lives in Halifax,
which sailors’ songs call Home.
My fur’s as wild as an alley cat’s
who’s yearning for her comb.
But she’s a lie. I’ve never even
been to Nova Scotia
A sailor knows no love but leaving;
I’m married to the ocean.

Hiyo, off we go,
torn between my home and the road’s sweet lips
and the dream of a girl who’s an isle of ships.

The housebound say that absence merely
makes the heart grow fonder.
But in the house, the heart sincerely
misses wild and yonder.
From casting in the sun, I yearly
age by growing blonder.
The love I spend so cavalierly
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