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A Stylus Stuck In The Cerebral Cortex, Part III: A Primal Scream From A Beset Bedsit (No No No Yes Yes Yes)

(Click the links for Part 1 and Part 2 of Joseph’s “stimming” saga.)

“Why?” Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band, 31 Listens


Hi, my name is Joseph Kyle, and I am currently shut down.

someone entered my solitude space
without my permission
bringing a stranger, no less.
i don’t ask for much
just please stay out of my room.
respect my space
it’s all i have.

everything feels like it is going in fast forward, while i know that everything is actually going in half-time.

unlike many of these attacks, i saw it coming.


“No, No, No” – Yoko Ono, 31 listens


it feels wrong—and perhaps it is wrong—to gravitate towards a song written out of anger and sadness towards a dead spouse as the focus of my own petty personal problems in relation to a bully, but that’s how my mind works, and i cannot control it. i’ve never and will never feel her pain, and yet her ability to so poignantly express her feelings provides me an outlet too powerful to ignore.

these are the genuine, raw sounds of pain. these are the sounds of confusion. these are the sounds of a world screaming and the singer screaming back in the deepest primal rage.

sometimes i imagine that the world is cardboard and my words are razors, and it makes me afraid. afraid of cutting someone. afraid of offending. afraid of crossing the line,

i think i fired my therapist. Continue reading