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Tehachapi – The Confidence Crisis of One Popular Inmate

Prison Bob's ScarfThe sentence hit him in the gut, like a brickbat from the streets of his old neighborhood. Still, under the circumstances, he knew that three years in the joint was about the best that he could have hoped for. With gain time, Prison Bob knew that he could be back out on the streets in fewer than twenty-four months.

Good behavior wouldn’t be a problem for inmate Robert Chambers. While he had sworn that he would never return to prison, he was determined to turn this experience into an opportunity for growth. That might mean learning another language, developing a new skill—who knew what the near future held? In truth, Robert was a little bit excited about the possibilities.

But prison life is tough for any man, and Prison Bob was no exception. As a bright, energetic, and engaging individual, however, he quickly made friends with the other inmates and became a member of a few of the more popular cliques. Friday nights were card nights with the boys from Block D. Saturday mornings, Robert and his pals would sit around eating breakfast together and talking about current events that they would read about in the paper. Sunday was “pigs in the blanket” day at the prison cafeteria, and any time was a good time for charades. Yeah, this wasn’t where Prison Bob wanted to be, but he knew that he was going to be just fine. Continue reading