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About Alexis-Rueal

I am a Poet. I ballroom dance, and I crochet. I own a Goldendoodle. I love pizza, ice cream, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and my husband. The rest are just details.

Two Poems – Alexis-Rueal



He likes to fuck me like a bass-line. 
Kisses me with blistering rhythms,
coaxes out low hummed moans
that settle deep into his stomach as he enters me. 
I told him long ago not to treat me like a melody--
I'll lay down for him, 
but I am a song not so easily sung. 
He calls me smooth-groove woman. 
Eases into me slow-like, 
so we can build these harmonies up 
out of layers of lick and flick and bite.
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