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Greg Harries is a poet and teacher living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. He is the Artistic Director of RESPECT, a social justice theater group, and a Teaching Artist with the Nebraska Writers Collective. He started writing poetry to prove to his Louder Than a Bomb students that he was more than just a theater kid. He is still trying to figure out how to stop. In 2013 Greg represented Omaha’s OM Center Poetry Slam at the National Poetry Slam in Boston. He also competed in the Individual World Poetry Slam on Omaha's behalf, returning home with a 21st place finish. He was named Best Slam Poet in the 2013 Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards. He lives in a tiny home that he shares with a small, weird dog named Ruffles. You can find him on twitter at

Two Poems – Greg Harries

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mariniscence /mæ rən ɪsəns / (n):
1. The phenomenon of memories being uncontrollably awakened by the sound of water. 
Example: "The sound of the waves reminds me of the day I saw her first see the ocean, 
the mariniscence is unbelievable."

2. Nostalgia for friendlier shorelines.
Example: "I'll never forget the way her eyes reflected the enormity of the sea that day, 
her ambition, her goals, her faith in me."

3. Approaching floodwaters, lapping at your toes. 
Example: "Late summer, the canoe felt miles long between our two disjointed paddles. 
When our miscalculations joyfully tipped us into the river, only I laughed."

4. Your faucet dripping water into December bathtub, sharpest knife in your pruned 
fingers. Key under your doormat. Text for a friend to come and get your dog written, 
waiting for one last touch.
Example: "Landlocked. I can't see the ocean. But I can hear the tide coming. It's 
bearing ships, with flags of better lands flapping brightly in their rigging."

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