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Unreported Rapes at Sea – The Truth Behind The Cruise Industry’s Stellar Safety Record

MS Nieuw AmsterdamImagine that you are a public relations executive for the largest cruise line in the world, and there is this highly publicized, brutal rape of a thirty-one year old woman on a vessel that’s owned by one of your subsidiaries. Scratch that. You’re a public relations executive for any cruise line, and on the front page of every newspaper in which you rent ad space is the same story about a cruise line employee surreptitiously slipping into a passenger’s stateroom, raping her, and then trying to cover his crime by throwing her into the sea from the balcony. You’d probably feel horrible about the whole affair—the shattered life of a woman who had booked passage on a luxury liner under the assumption that the biggest threats she would face could be mitigated by applying sunblock and drinking plenty of water. Continue reading