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About Jessica Lohafer

Jessica Lohafer is a poet, feminist, and bartender out of Bellingham, WA whose work has appeared in Whatcom Magazine, The Noisy Water Review, Thriving Thru The Winter: A Pacific Northwest Handguide and Your Hands, Your Mouth. Her collection of poetry, What’s Left to Be Done, was published by Radical Lunchbox Press in 2009. She has served as the Program Director for Poetry in Public Education, bringing writing workshops to schools throughout the Pacific Northwest. Jessica recently received her MFA in poetry from Western Washington University. Currently, she works as the Chuckanut Writers Conference Planner. Jessica is available for performances and writing workshops. For booking inquiries, she can be reached at:

Three Poems For Wild Girls


First, three lies.

When I was a child, my parents took me to the forest. There was a cabin, a chimney. They chopped wood, worked to frenzy. The embrace of axe and handle, my mother’s hands an open wound.

I am writing this for the child I will never have, a girl called Sarah. I call her Longing. Call her Tick, call her Bruised Temple. My little rubber sole, my consequence.

I always knew what I was.
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Three Poems – Jessica Lohafer

The Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine 

The photographer knows. Calls your name and number, pulls
your star from his private smog sea. Wants you to get quick,
give gullible. The photographer is shout-singing suggestions
from behind his Magna Carta camera lens:

Try tricksy! There you go, pretend you don’t know! Pretend
you don’t want what you know! Give me infidelity! Plump 
your lips! Give me click click click! Like you’re the purveyor
rule breaker, and there are Hail Marys for sale! 

He seizures Seltzer water, is scream-stamp-skipping 
towards an assistant named Tonya, oh, Tonya, 
tragic greenscreen orphanet, an individualist 
who thought she was better than this. 

But isn’t Hollywood just a different kind 
of housebreaking? All of its precious pets
reigned into the same ring, panting, panting,
	waiting for their cue. 

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