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About Kieran Collier

Kieran Collier is a Boston based poet, three-time member of the Emerson College CUPSI team, and the president of the Emerson Poetry Project, Emerson College's only spoken word organization. He writes sad poems about ghosts that sometimes get accepted into journals, some of which include Potluck, Voicemail Poems, Maps for Teeth, Emerson Review, and The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. He is also featured in the anthologies MultiVerse: A Write Bloody Superhero Anthology and Again I Wait for This to Fall Apart. He will talk to you about superheroes and pop punk for as long as you'll let him.

Four Poems – Kieran Collier


Photograph #1

The minivan door closes
and before I know it my arms
have wrapped around her—
a reflex. I’m 10 and will be gone
for the next week with the rest
of my class. And so I hold her 
like it might be the last time,
bury my face in her stomach
while she returns this love
of mine I didn’t know existed.

She is still standing, 
but her arms are thinner
than they used to be. Her blue
tank top shows everywhere
the muscle once lived.
Now the skin just sags in absence,
but she still looks healthy.
Her face is still glowing.
And so is mine—eyes shut,
smile wide, oversized 
baseball t-shirt hanging 
off my body like a hospital gown.
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