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About Benjamin Barker

Benjamin Barker was born at a fairly young age and had a dreadfully Norman Rockwell upbringing. Ben is the founder of the Ogden Poetry slam, was a member of the 2013 Salt City Slam team, is currently the SlamMaster for Voice Boxers and serves as an administrator for the Salt Lake based non-profit Wasatch Wordsmiths.

DMC Mixtapes Vol. 2: Songs To Listen To At The End Of Days After Realizing Everyone You Have Ever Known Has Been Raptured


[Ed. note – All italicized portions of this playlist are part of a poem written by the author to accompany this mixtape]

“The Man Comes Around” – Johnny Cash

Hear the voice of thunder

the beast saying “come and see”.

Recognize what is happening.

Count the cracks in your skin.

Number the seams opening up in the sky.

The horseman with no head is riding out to meet you.

The newscast says “come and see”.

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Three Poems – Benjamin Barker



Making War

The first time we fucked, it was on the living room floor
while a war documentary blared on the television.
We had made love many times before,
but that was when we cared about diplomacy.
We were having some dispute,
like most international conflicts
accounts vary on how it started.
It was either about laundry, dishes,
or whose national currency would fare better on the global market.

Whatever the opposite of jingoism is,
that’s what we felt for each other.
Our skin simply following orders
like soldiers who don’t care about international embargoes or UN summits,
men who don’t love their country,
who just want to make something bleed.

We laid on the rug,
they carpet bombed London.
Our naked bodies dripped with sweat,
theirs were piled in mass graves.
You cried “Oh God, oh God!”
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