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About Joy Young

Joy Young is a Phoenix based spoken word performance and teaching artist. A self-described “circus-poet,” she believes that often, the best response to a world constructed of ridiculous assumptions and expectations is to be equally ridiculous, leading to performance pieces that include things juggling and stilt walking. It is through the juxtaposition of perceived realities and the absurd that she hopes to unveil places of possibility, disavow the illusion of progressive narratives of histories, subvert the dominant power paradigm, and generally queer our understanding of the world around us. Basically, Joy is a queer super-poet-hero(ine)—a one person justice league working to deconstruct reality, leaving us all with shattered pieces of “reality” we might use to construct a better world.

Three Poems – Joy Young

transporter (2)

Teleportation Victim

Every time I think about the idea of teleporting,
I freak the fuck out.
It sounds so fucking awesome,
but my feet shake these telegraph morse code messages
trying to tap my spinal cord into submission;
I have a lot of anxiety.
I think about how if teleporting existed as a viable option
it would use molecules already in the new location
to reconstitute “you” there,
but there’d be no way of knowing if the new “you”  was you
or if you experienced a horrific death
as you were ripped apart molecule by molecule
as it machine rapid fired
you across space—
a technological bullet train.
It blows my mind that this might be possible.
Now “you” are here
and you’re gone 
and no one can tell the difference
even “you” wouldn’t know—
but if “you” were ME,
you’d wonder about it
for the rest of your-my life.
This is why I need to be strapped in suspenders into myself sometimes.
I need something holding in my runaway train of thoughts.
I can feel my spine trembling train track under the weight of them.
Hand grasping my neck hoping to get a grip
on my nervous system
of thought. 
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