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About Bill Moran

Bill Moran (Good Ghost Bill) was a proud member of the 2011-2013 Austin Poetry Slam national teams, as well as the 2012 & 2013 Austin Poetry Slam Champion and 2013 Southern Fried Haiku Champion. He has has co-directed the Texas Grand Slam two years running, featured at venues and taught workshops nationwide and internationally, conducted long-term poetry programs at a local juvenile justice center, as well as released four books and a CD. In the fall, he will begin pursuing an MFA in Poetry at Louisiana State University. But for the moment, he is the president of Mic Check, a non-profit poetry and spoken word organization based in Brazos County, Texas. He loves it with all his heart. Also, he is convinced he has the Gulf inside him. He appreciates your concern and well-wishes, but swears he is OK. Really.

give up yeah go away


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Four Poems – Bill Moran


“polyester” was a famous greek philosopher.

Lafayette Holiday Inn,
Olympus, 1984:

Zeus knocks back a fifth of honey whiskey nectar
and blacks out on a pull-out couch

(his head, too, is polyester,
wet, spring-loaded, queen-sized.)

His daughter, gray-eyed Athena,
famously erupts from his skull

hungover battle-weary.
She removes her glimmering, bronze helmet and

vomits on the hotel carpet   raises four kids in Houston
howls with glory.

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