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About Karla Cordero

Karla Cordero is a Loft Literary Fellow and Editor of Spit Journal. Her poetry is published and forthcoming in Word Riot, Words Dance Publishing, The Acentos Review, Gutters and Alleyways Anthology and elsewhere. Her first chapbook, Grasshoppers Before Gods, is to be published in 2015 by Dancing Girl Press. You can follow her passion for performance poetry on Spit Journal.

Three Poems – Karla Cordero



born from wolf womb. 
bowls of blood moon. 

bone know crow sob.
know moss mouth. 

know cop look. 
know oak cross 

blooms body into 
ghost fog. cold box tomb.

fold. absolve. 	      poof. 
now jukebox dove song.

 howl home god. howl home.

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