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About Kathleen Radigan

A Rhode Island native, Kathleen Radigan is currently a senior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Her work can be seen in "PANK Blog," "The Harpoon Review," "Public Pool," "The Adroit Journal," "Softblow," and several others. She is also a singer/songwriter with an EP of original songs available on iTunes.

Three Poems – Kathleen Radigan



Susannah says, When
a sheep decides it’s time
to die, it’s time.

The flock swats flies.
Prays for elegant ascent.
You’ll dot the sky.
Insomniacs will count you.

If death’s a water bed between worlds,
wade to the other trough.
Rise over fence-blades seared with sun.
Bray in a field of animal light.
Wind-hoofed, weightless.

When Earth goes belly up,
does soul cleave from body and balloon
over the roof where roses climb walls?
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