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About James Dulin

James Dulin is a poet and educator from Grand Rapids, MI currently living in Boston, MA. He has been a member of the 2012 University of Michigan Slam Team and the 2015 Eclectic Truth Slam Team, winners of the 2015 Red Stick Regional Slam. His work can be found on the Write About Now poetry channel, in ZO magazine, in FreezeRay Poetry, and in One Throne magazine

Two Poems – James Dulin

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Two Poems – James Dulin


what’s wrong with romantic movies

i watch a short film & a man is fixed 
by love. i groan

maybe because love is not a medicine cabinet. 

maybe because love confuses the shit out of me 
& if it’s simple as holding hands in a diner i’ve lost years overthinking it. 

maybe i’m too broken 
for a pair of hands to hold me together. 

maybe no one’s fractured pieces will make me
whole because i’m not broken.

or maybe it’s a stupid fucking ending 
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