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Hours and hours of fascinating reading:

Our friends at FOTR. Podcasts, reviews, PDX awesomeness:

Thursday Night Videos! Get some: TNV

University of Hell Press–Denting the world with words, one incendiary book at a time:

The Bold Italic– dispatches from the SF techpocalypse: (now defunct) and – Two excellent sites that aggregate some of the best current and historic longform writing out there. – a place for and by sassy, smart ladies:

Nailed Magazine: Badass art and culture, by PDX heavy-hitters:

Write Bloody Press: top-tier independent publisher, especially for poetry:

Grantland- (now defunct) Bill Simmons is hilarious and insane, and the writing here is consistently unparalleled:

Paul Simon shows Dick Cavett how he writes songs, and we get to hear a “Still Crazy After All These Years” before it was even finished!:

WTF! – Marc Maron gives some of the deepest, most heart-on-your-sleeve interviews around, with the best in the business:

Lazy Fascist Press: The title says it all… brutal but, you know, nonchalant:

Portland Review: Publishing exceptional local and international writing and art since 1956:

Crispin Glover on Letterman in 1987. It’s not easy to ruffle Dave. It requires special skill:

Small Doggies Press: Publishers of awesomeness, one book at a time:

Strokin’ – Have you ever made love before breakfast? (DMC not responsible for any homicidal urges associated with this earworm):

Crude Vessels –

The Bug Chicks – Chicks who love to cuddle with the creepy-crawlies–

Yes Yes Books – Sheer poetic awesomeness:

27bslash6- David Thorne is razor-witted rabble-rouser, and surprisingly still has all of his teeth and limbs – 27bslash6 – Beautiful, intelligent thoughtfulness from Maria Popova

Mixtapery – Magical, passionate, hyper-intelligent, knock-you-on-yer-duff, themed compilations from a seasoned pro —

Muzzle Magazine – Gorgeous, mind-blowing poetry –

The Poetry Question – All things poetic, considered –

Aeon – Amazing, intelligent, long-form writing about culture, science & life –

Perfect Day Publishing – If it’s not personal, they’re not interested – 

The Poetry Gods – killer podcast about the best on contemporary poetry, hosted by Aziza Barnes, Jon Sands, and Jose Olivarez –

The Tusk – Razor wit, deep thoughts, and killer swag –

Scott Woods Makes Lists – “Everything but laundry and groceries.” – Knockout stuff –

FreezeRay – Pop culture poetry from lots of our favorite people – Sorta a sister site, more like a much cooler cousin – Our joint picnics are off the hook! –

Wyvern Lit – “words with wings, eating their own tails” –

Black Nerd Problems – Join the Nerd Nation –

Large-Hearted Boy – a literature and music website that explores that spot in the venn diagram where the two arts overlap.

Adroit Journal – Kickass poetry, prose and art from so many people we love –

Vulture – The best in entertainment news –

Winter Tangerine – Poetical, artistic badassery; themed issues –

Reality Beach – spontaneous, transcendent, experimental poetry –

Public Pool – So much great poetry you will hardly be able to handle it –

Entropy Magazine – Intelligent, strange culture and art magazine, whose centerpiece is the epic, year-long collaborative poem “Birdwolf.” –

Luna Luna – Bad ass lady-run lit and lifestyle, “dark” and “light,” from the occult to fashion to social justice… –

bitches gotta eat – Hilarious rants from the inimitable Samantha Irby –

Fem Rag Lit Mag – irreverent, scathing, hilarious piss-takes of the patriarchy. Diaperbabies beware! –

The Belle Jar – lovely, smart, feisty, passionate writing from Anne Theriault –

The Establishment – run by women, straight talk from editor Ijeoma Oluo and her badass compatriots –

Somnambulist Zine – Edited by Martha Grover, personal, funny, kick ass writing and art –

The Volta – a monthly, online multimedia site of poetry, criticism, poetics, video, conversation (audio), and interview (text) –

Beech Street Review – “poetry with calloused hands” –

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