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About Ross Robbins

Ross Robbins is the founder of BONE TAX PRESS and the BONE TAX READING SERIES. His recent publication credits include Ampersand Review, Vinyl Poetry, and The Nervous Breakdown. His full-length debut, "Mental Hospital: A Memoir," will be released by YesYes Books in 2015. Visit him online at

Five Poems from “Mental Hospital: A Memoir”


 In the morning my   vision  is
 diagonal.      Soupy     gloss
 hugging my eyes.   Smoke slips
 out my nose. I  stumble to the
 fishbowl.     “Something    is
 wrong.”    After  an undefined
 interval I wake to the squeeze
 of a blood  pressure  cuff. My
 tongue     is     made      of 


 There are  axes  along   which
 diagnoses are sorted.  Section
 out     dysfunction:     Major
 depressive,   PTSD,   chemical
 dependency,     no       major
 medical.  Axis I, II, III, IV.
 Until   I am the confluence of
 multiple illnesses. You define
 me  till  I   cannot    define
 myself.  Mental illness is put
 into me.  Continue reading