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About Tariq Luthun

Tariq Luthun is a Palestinian-American writer, strategist, and community organizer from Detroit, MI. Luthun is currently an MFA candidate for poetry at the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. Among other things, he is Social Director of Organic Weapon Arts Press, and is co-founder of the new PoC-dedicated literary arts series FRUIT. He is an Emmy Award-winning poet and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in Vinyl Poetry, The Offing, Winter Tangerine Review, and Button Poetry, among other credits. He is a deep dish pizza evangelist, and can best be described as the end-result of Drake falsetto-rapping Edward Said's "Orientalism."

Three Poems – Tariq Luthun


I have seen death 
look like me: bones sprawled
out somewhere between 
hazel-coded grains along 
the beach of the red 
sea’s shore—a palm opened and 
a palm closed— body thick as a fist 
in waning rose-crimson tides.

still, I’ve never known
a law to rewind a bullet
or a bomb, to unwind
a spine too busy wrapped
around grief. and I am told 
how we must learn to speak
with it’s tongue: too mired
        in the end.
	do you read?
	have you heard? 
        I have seen it
all before: the still-growing husk
of mankind’s tomorrow
looks to make itself 
a name. I watch men
who don’t—and do— look like me 
print its face with my mothers’
graves. I’m incoherent
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