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About Lydia Havens

Lydia Havens is from Tucson, Arizona. She works as the Executive Poetry Editor for Transcendence Magazine, as well as an intern for Spoken Futures, Inc. Her work has previously been published in FreezeRay Poetry, Words Dance, and burntdistrict, among other places. Besides being a writer, Lydia is also a feminist, a purple lipstick enthusiast, and a girl who is always forgetting to wear her glasses. Become her best friend on Twitter at @lydiastormborn.

Five Poems – Lydia Havens

Brush Fire Along I-84 ca. 1990s Near Boise, Idaho, USA

Advice on the First Sacrifice 

Kiss the boys with a hemlock mouth; 
do not wipe the froth off their lips as
they sink away. Touch their choking
the way you would touch your first-
born. Let them mistake you for garden,
for valley, something harmless. 

Go for the loud ones, girl. Go for the boys
who wear your friends’ dignities around
their throats like luck. Show them
stone, show them karma. Be the asp, 
be the gas oven. Suck the ego out
of their cheeks, and turn it rogue. 

After, don’t leave a trace of yourself, 
because this is how we live. Call it 
natural selection, or call it survival. 
The rest of the world will tell you that 
sacrilege flows through your veins, but
we will see it as hallelujah. They will
name your Heretic or Harlot, but we
will name you Magic. You, you are
magic, girl. But only if you want
to be. 

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