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About John F. Quinonez

Based out of Flagstaff, Arizona John Quiñonez is a Full time Events Coordinator, Special Ed Teacher, Server, and Respite Care Provider by Trade. By Night he is the longtime Flagstaff Slammaster, Northern Arizona Book Festival Board Member, iWPS 2016 Host City Events Coordinator, Founder of the Flagstaff SO LIT Festival, Founder/Booking Manager for StellarJay Productions, Curator for SSOO Experimental Arts Festival, Trustee ot the the Poetry Slam Inc executive council, Musician, and Visual Artist. By accident he is sometimes a Poet. By unofficial contract he is a Lifetime Poetry Slam Nationals Volunteer and Morale Rouser. On Wednesdays he wears Pink. On Weekends he sleeps. Sometimes. Buy him a drink. Anytime.

Three Poems – John F. Quinonez


Full From Grace and Hungry Still

I Confess –
It Was the Ravens.
That I had Been Lunching on.
And Were to Blame.
For My Billowing Frame.

Not The Whiskey.
Nor the Bagels. The Many Cheeses.
Not the Beer.
No. Lord, No.
– The Ravens.

I had Taken to Snatch them in the Morn.’
Where they too Indulged – Greedy in the Fields.
And, Now, Rustled ‘neath the Linens.
Squirmed ‘Gainst My Belt, Reluctant.
Cawing, Humbly from
Just Past my many Buttons.

For I had Heard that they Had Been Angels. Once.
& Burst!
Into a Million small, molting Bodies.

So – I Thought to Eat Them.

Hungry for Grace Was I!
Coughing in Protest from the Ground
I Still Take to Each Heavy. Step.
In Pursuit of Flight
And Wake to Run Where Love will Find me.
/Will Hear the Flutters.
/Will Rush to Aide.
And Then One Day.
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