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About Melissa Newman-Evans

Melissa Newman-Evans was a member of the 2012 and 2014 Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge slam teams. She co-coaches the Emerson College slam team with her partner Kevin Spak, she has headlined poetry shows around the northeast. Her work has been recently published in Muzzle, Radius, [PANK], decomP, and Freeze Ray. She likes her lipstick red.

Three Poems – Melissa Newman-Evans



My mother told me she bought the flute  
from a homeless man  
for one hundred dollars.  
       In nineteen seventy­-seven, one hundred dollars  
       more than it is now, and even then, the flute was old.  
       If you know instruments, it was a Gemeinhardt.  
       If you don’t, it was solid sterling silver  
       and so heavy and beautiful once it was cleaned  
       from twenty years of my mother’s tarnish  
       that I couldn’t wait to play. 
I was not very good at the flute.  
When the band played with its seventh-­grade bravado,  
the drums shook my chair, and if I was playing the music correctly,  
I couldn’t hear it. If you blow hard enough, a flute will let out a strangled squeak  
that will sound louder than the drums and the brass. Only something that wrong  
could be that loud.  Continue reading