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About Danielle Klenak

Danielle Klenak is a journalist, photographer, and author. Her work has appeared in Portland Monthly Magazine, Conium Review, Raven Chronicles, Pitkin Review, and others, both online and in print. She runs the Love Poetry (Fails) website. A Northwest native, originally from Washington, she now resides in Portland.

Two Poems – Danielle Klenak


More Than You

The four-fingered cashier with the overbite,
The 24-pack of PBR,
The plastic orange bag of razors from Target,
The tub of Rocky Road ice cream,
The neighbor’s dog that shits in my yard,
The bus drivers on the buses,
The cab drivers in the cabs,
That Fed Ex guy that asked me to sign something a few months ago
(Phil I think his name tag said?)
And no, I didn’t F*** him -
But the point is they all love me more than you!

The acne pads that caress my skin at night,
My yoga teacher that corrects my warrior pose,
My chiropractor who cracks my bones and sends me out the door,
The phlebotomist that drew my blood,
The syphilis you gave me (yeah, I know it was you!)
My lobster dinner (we had a nice talk before I tossed him in -
I named him after you)
They all love me more than you!
(Except maybe the lobster - but it doesn’t matter because I ate him.)
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