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About Melanie Robinson

Melanie is a poet, musician, journalist and marketing extraordinaire (listed in order of importance). To say she dabbles in the arts would be a gross misrepresentation of the neurotic beauty she finds in self-expression. She is trapped in San Antonio and needs rescuing.


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An illiterate priest in the Middle Ages learned to recite the Latin Eucharis wrong. 
Instead of sumpsimus (Latin for “we have taken”), he said mumpsimus, a nonsense word.
He refused to recognize that it was wrong and wouldn’t change it.

          n. An obvious error that is stubbornly repeated despite correction.
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Drunk Texts to Ichabod Crane – Audio Version

Drunk Texts to Ichabod Crane
(Originally published as part of Three Poems-Melanie Robinson)
Music by Jeremiah Bredvad

Wicked people tell the best stories.
Meet me in Hell.
Let’s make it 10:30. Just jump on 35 and ride it till you hit Persephone. Take a left 
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Three Poems – Melanie Robinson

The Melanie Manual of Don’t Fuck with me: The Handbook of Handling Too Closely

If I am crash test jungle gym,
If you are smiling theme park carousel,

how do I starry eyes and where is start?
What if I can’t?

I tried a few times.  I know how to “out of my league.” I know when to leave – could teach you a thing or two about not worth it.

If I am tile factory stampede,
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