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About Tyler Atwood

Tyler Atwood was marooned on this planet as an infant, and has been searching for home ever since. His first collection of poetry, 'an electric sheep jumps to greener pasture,' is forthcoming from University of Hell Press, and his work has appeared in Lunch Ticket, Perpetually Twelve, HOUSEFIRE, and elsewhere. He lives and works in Denver, CO.

Three Poems – Tyler Atwood


Poem with no fixed address 

Who wants to drive me and my stuff 
over to my new place today—won't 
take long & there will be booze 
when it's all over—red lights 
behind me but green ahead a home 
for abandoned sentences—I am 
blatant & unapologetic—too busy 
dancing to the different ringtones 
on my new phone—you have been
warned—the degeneracy of people 
I have come to call friend artists &
autocrats—if you asked me to draw 
any of them from memory I'd take 
a pen & draw two points on the page
separated by a country's worth of distance 

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