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About Jared Duran

Jared Duran is the creator and host of Limited Engagement, a weekly arts and culture podcast. A writer and musician based in Phoenix, AZ, his work has appeared or is forthcoming in such publications as Gargoyle, The Suisun Valley Review, Spilled Milk, Four Chambers, Up the River, and more. His greatest achievement, though, is playing guitar on stage with Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze.

Three Poems – Jared Duran

Black and White Night Of the Soul
for Chet Baker

Three notes take flight and drift 
out the window, down to the street 
below. In Amsterdam, far from mother, 
children—one of whom looks 
like you might have if only, 
under different circumstances, 
would that you had it to do all over 
again. Your absence of eyes 
belies the sole truth—every outcome is the same. 
When there is no satisfied, 
when you are perpetually almost blue, 
all is addiction: women, cars, jazz.

There is the high and then, 
there is the next, or 
there are three notes crushed 
under the tires and feet of Amsterdam.
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