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About Sarah Sapienza

Sarah Sapienza is a writer and performer, living in Worcester, MA. In the last 15 years, Sarah has performed on numerous national slam teams, both as a youth and an adult. She has taught in psychiatric facilities and elementary schools, and performed in frat houses and universities. She holds an MFA in poetry from New England College.

V t s f r W m n

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t  s  ll  rch t ct r  w th  t y  : 
th  gr v ty  f th  l nt l, th  t p 
 f y  r sm ll st f ng r. 
Th  tr ns m  nd th  t p  f y  r
 h  d.
Wh n  t  s t m  f r y   t  g , 
  h p  y   p  s   t th  d  r. 
  w ll b  r ght h r , th  m r cl  
 f y  r  pt rn d c rn rs   s ng 
  r ch ldr n w  ld h ve h mmed  n sl  p. 
  s   y    n th  m  th  f  v r  
p ssing d g,  ll w  t  nd br  th 
 nd c m . 

  h p  y   w ll n t r gr t th  l ghts 
 r th  bl sh th t c m   ft r, 
h w y   h ld m  h nd  n t p  
 f th  t bl  f r  nc , h w y   h ld 
 t  n f ont  f th m.*

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Three Poems – Sarah Sapienza


Broken Engagement Empty House Poem
with thanks to Tom Robbins

Modern, self-opening doors were created because 
Star Trek made them look cool.  What will we do now? 
After the egg shells in your pockets have been spread, 
after your friends have kept my name 

in their mouths to rot and fester 
like it did in our bed.  I am used to the dark. 
They are happy with the light of your face, 
the blessing you’ve convinced them 

will never go away. 
I too can write in quatrains, 
have choppy line 
breaks and lie in between blinks. 

I have never understood the difference 
between lie and lay, though I understand 
you are fluent in one and 
hopeless in the other. 
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